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Manatee County Sprinkler Systems

A beautiful landscape is all about balance, and that balance extends from your Sarasota irrigation system to water management. Genesis Sprinklers & Water Management specializes in irrigation systems, sprinkler repairs, water delivery and conservation for Manatee County, including the communities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Ellenton, Palmetto, and Lakewood Ranch. We specialize in irrigation systems that meet your specific property needs, lower water bills, and allow your landscape to thrive. We can install your new Manatee County sprinkler system to conform to Florida Water Star, provide Sarasota water management services, and provide Lakewood Ranch sprinkler repairs to ensure optimum water delivery to your Lakewood Ranch, Ellenton, Palmetto, Sarasota or Bradenton property.

Genesis Sprinklers & Water Management partners with the Southwest Florida Water Management District to reduce water consumption by delivering your water smarter. Our Manatee County sprinkler systems and Ellenton water management packages can help customers save up to 75% in water. Over time, the water savings actually helps to pay for our services. Our packages are customizable. Choose our automated Lakewood Ranch sprinklers outfitted with sensors that automatically adjust based on weather conditions. We also feature fully monitored systems that detect broken lines and other sprinkler issues.

As an industry leader in Manatee County irrigation systems, sprinkler repairs, water management and conservation, Genesis Sprinklers & Water Management features cutting-edge solutions for our Florida customers. Our Ellenton Sprinkler Systems aren’t simply about water reduction; they are about cost effectiveness and smart water delivery based on local weather conditions and the specific needs of your landscape. We also feature irrigation system upgrades based on the Florida Water Star program. Water is precious and we want to do our part to help customers conserve it and deliver water to their property smarter.

Contact Genesis Sprinklers & Water Delivery to learn more about our innovative Manatee County Sprinklers and Palmetto water management services. Whether you want to upgrade your existing irrigation system to a FWS type or need Bradenton sprinkler repairs, you can rely on us for our experienced solutions.

Full Service Sprinklers and Water Management

We provide a full suite of services to help you with your business.


  • High-performance sprinklers
  • Superior water conservation irrigation systems
  • Automated sprinklers with weather sensors
  • Durable designs for lasting use

Water Management

  • Save between 30-55% on water usage
  • Custom water management packages
  • Local partnerships to promote conservation
  • Smart water delivery for beautiful landscapes