Our Pricing

Genesis Irrigation and Water Management Price List: Pricing includes all labor, material, and full TWO YEAR warranty.

$85 service call includes travel to your home and initial diagnosis/estimate.

Hourly rate : $85

Timer repair and replacement:

reprogramming timer to maximize efficiency $50
replace battery $5
replace rechargeable battery $20
replace fuse $10
replace power transformer (excludes transformer cost) $50
rewire to change sequence of zones operating (per zone) $10
timer replacement – indoor (excludes timer cost)  $150
timer replacement – outdoor (excludes timer cost) $210
Rain Bird 6 zone timer (Simple-To-Set) – indoor  $65
Rain Bird 9 zone timer (Simple-To-Set) – indoor   $75
Rain Bird 4 zone timer (Modular/expandable) $195
Rain Bird 3 zone module  $50
Rain Bird 6 zone module $95
Rain Bird Wi-fi link module (module & installation) $175

Electrical wire repair:

locating a break in a wire and repair Hourly
installing broken wire bypass / switching device $275

Rain sensor maintenance, repair, & replacement:

inspect, clean-out, and test $25
replace hydroponic disks inside rain sensor cap $35
sensor installation – wired – replacement $105
sensor installation – wired – new $195
sensor installation – wireless $195

Emergency water shut-off

-Hourly + $200 call out fee

Locating underground water shut-off valve


Locating control valves:

locating buried control valves $95
locating additional buried CV’s  $50
locating short or open circuit CV’s not in a manifold $190
excavating roots/pavers/concrete to expose CV’s Hourly

Malfunctioning control valve:

solenoid replacement $75
diaphragm replacement  $95
solenoid and diaphragm replacement  $135
control valve upper unit replacement $95
solenoid and upper unit replacement $135
diaphragm and upper unit replacement $135
solenoid, diaphragm, and upper unit replacement  $155
control valve replacement – above ground $225
control valve replacement – below ground  $345

Broken pipe repair:

drip pipe (brown hose)  $20
poly pipe (black hose) $20
stand pipe repair or replacement (above ground) $45
broken or missing elbow below pop-up sprinkler $65
broken below ground pipes $115
broken below ground pipes at Tee or elbow coupler $155
broken below ground mainline pipe $155
​clearing pipe blockage  Hourly
cap an underground pipe $75
excavating roots/pavers/concrete to expose pipe Hourly

Sprinkler nozzles:

clearing a blocked sprinkler nozzle $10
micro spray nozzle replacement $5
micro spray stake & nozzle replacement $20
spray nozzle and filter replacement $10
spray rotary nozzle installation $20
rotor nozzle replacement $15
sprinkler filter replacement & blow-out / purge: 1 sprinkler $10
sprinkler filter replacement & blow-out / purge: 1 zone Hourly

Sprinkler repair:

tilted $20
raise $20
lower $20
replace broken connector below sprinkler $30
replace broken PVC elbow below sprinkler $65
spray pop-up sprinkler replacement $35
rotor pop-up sprinkler replacement $45
add flexible pipe from sprinkler to PVC pipe $65
replace 4″ sprinklers with 6″ sprinklers  $75
stand pipe raise / lower $35
stand pipe add 6″ pop-up sprinkler $50
stand pipe add 12″ pop-up sprinkler $75
​pop-up sprinkler replacement with a stand (tall) pipe $55
stand pipe replacement with a pop-up sprinkler  $55
sprinkler relocation within 6 feet of existing position $125
sprinkler relocation further than 6 feet ask for quote
add a pop-up sprinkler to a zone  $210
cap off a sprinkler $30
excavating roots/pavers/concrete to expose sprinkler Hourly

Protecting sprinklers:

cutting out lawn around spray sprinklers – per zone  $40
cutting out lawn around rotor sprinklers – per zone $20
concrete donut installation around sprinkler $5

Water filter (for reclaimed/well water):

inspect and clean-out  $50
installation above ground $395
installation below ground (if possible) with cover box $675

New pool or lanai

cut and cap all pipes below or near slab area Hourly
rebuild / reroute irrigation system Hourly

Removing iron / rust stains from walls