Sprinkler Stuck On

Manatee County Irrigation System Repairs

There’s no doubt about it: stuck irrigation system valves can be a nightmare—a messy, waterlogged nightmare. Genesis Sprinklers & Water Management features experienced and affordable Manatee County irrigation system repairs. So, if your Sarasota sprinkler is stuck on, you can rely on our technicians to handle the problem and get your system back into optimum working condition.

Trying to deal with your Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch stuck on sprinkler is no easy task unless you have the tools and know-how to perform this type of maintenance. However, this isn’t a typical DIY situation. Without the proper training and expertise to repair your sprinkler, you can actually do more damage to it as well as to your sprinkler system. Don’t attempt to fix your Palmetto stuck on sprinkler. Call us instead.

Genesis Sprinklers & Water Management can provide emergency services for major problems like a stuck on sprinkler. Not only can excessive water damage your turf and plantings; it can substantially increase your water bill. That’s why we feature emergency sprinkler maintenance solutions for our Manatee County customers.

Why Do Some Sprinklers Get Stuck On?

Although it’s not likely to happen frequently, a sprinkler valve can get stuck in the open position. When it does, expect a small flood. Sometimes a stuck on sprinkler is caused by tiny air bubbles that get caught in the sprinkler valve. This can actually prevent the valve from closing. Sometimes, this issue is owing to a poor pressure differential; in such cases, our maintenance techs will have to ‘throttle’ the valve to ensure proper functioning. Sometimes the valve is faulty and needs replacement.

Whatever the case may be, you can rely on Genesis Sprinklers for our expert Manatee County irrigation system repairs and emergency services. We’ll get your sprinkler system working properly for you again without delay.