Sprinklers Not Coming On

Manatee County Sprinkler Repairs

It’s beyond frustrating for property owners when their sprinklers won’t come on. Just imagine how the turf and plants feel! Genesis Sprinklers & Water Management specializes in all types of Manatee County sprinkler repairs and Sarasota irrigation system repairs. Our experienced service technicians have the training needed to quickly troubleshoot sprinkler system problems so they can just as quickly provide the ideal fix.

When the sprinkler system won’t turn on, the problem could be owing to a faulty control panel or issues with the water supply line. Pipe breaks and leaks can also prevent sprinkler heads from delivering water. Fortunately, Genesis Sprinklers has the expertise needed to identify and repair the issue. Our Manatee County sprinkler repairs are always delivered with fair, upfront pricing too.

Why Won’t My Sprinkler System Come On?

Lakewood Ranch irrigation system repairs often relate to faulty valves, broken wires, or a failed electric remote-control valve that results in a failure of the system to turn on. Power system issues are a leading cause of this type of problem. If our technicians suspect this issue, they’ll check your irrigation system’s control panel. In some cases, all that’s needed is for your control panel to be reset and your system to be re-programmed.

On the other hand, your sprinkler system may not be coming on because there’s a leak in the water supply line, there’s a closed sprinkler valve that won’t open, or there’s a clog in the system or sprinkler head. With Ellenton irrigation system repairs from Genesis Sprinklers, you can expect fast service as we troubleshoot the issue and apply the best fix.

Our technicians are transparent about any needed repair work, and our policy is to save our clients money, even on the trickiest of Manatee County sprinkler repairs. Call us if your sprinkler system isn’t turning on or if you need any other Bradenton irrigation system repairs.